Marquese Scott

I was born in Eaglewood, California, but was raised in Indianapolis. As a kid, I aspired to become an architect until I found my passion in dance. I first started when I was 12 years old in a local skating rink. I soon took part in a dance battle which I lost, but I decided that I didn’t want to lose any more. I started practicing, determined not to give up. “It wasn’t just a hobby, but a passion. There was a deep drive for it.” I joined the military right after high school. At boot camp, we weren’t supposed to be talking half the time, but there I was, dancing and getting me and others into trouble. That’s when I knew that I had a true passion for dance and it was time for me to take it up as a professional. I did stay enlisted in the United States Navy for four years as a navigator before I made the big career change.

I had to first meet other dancers and learn the basic fundamentals because I did not having any training as such. So, it was important to learn and do things properly. I then became a member of Siberian Nights, Electric Ground Control, Collizion and G-Style South before I became a founding member of Remote Kontrol, now a part of Dragon House. The style I’m more focussed on is called animation. It’s a kind of dance form that is different from popping even though people tend to mix the two dance forms. It all comes down to the music, if the music sounds like water, I try to become water. “I try to take on the song and make it in physical form.” Animation can be described as a form that tricks the mind.

As a performer, I’m interested in taking my quarterly hip-hop competition SUAD, on the road. I do want to give back to the new dancers that need a place to dance but lack the resources. I wish to open up a 24 hour dance studio that serves as a community centre- a place where dancers can come and practice whenever they need to. I had been uploading dance videos online since 2003, but wasn’t until 7 years that I truly gained recognition. I believe that it is essential not to give up even when the journey seems to taking you nowhere.