Luca Patuelli

I was born with a rare congenital disorder that affects the muscles and the joints, it’s called Arthrogryposis. I’ve had 16 surgeries so far and the first one took place when I was 7 months old and last one was at 17 years old. I was always an active kid and skateboarding was my passion until I could no longer do it after one of my surgeries and that’s when I turned towards dance. The amazing thing about break-dancing is creating your own style and I created my own moves using the strength of my arms and I use my crutches as an extension of my arms.

Dance gave me the freedom to express myself without any hesitation and although it was difficult in the beginning, I was able to transform myself as a dancer and I haven’t looked back. “I’ve learned that life is all about attitude and if you want something then you’re just going to have to go out and do it, you know?” I do not wait for opportunities to come to me; I make my own way and work towards achieving what I want. I think a lot of encouragement came from my parents. My parents were always supportive of my choices no matter and never let my disability get in the way.

I joined the Illmatic Styles in 2004 and accompanied the dance group to America’s Got Talent. After that, I travelled to redefine my dancing skills and founded Ill-Abilities, a crew of differently abled dancers. The goal of my team is to show the world that as long as one is willing to adapt himself to difficult situations, anything is possible. Together we spread the message “No excuses, No limits” I graduated in 2009 with a degree in Marketing and I often use my marketing skills to promote myself as a motivational speaker. I also teach dance at schools for children with disabilities so that parents and kids no longer have to be refused from dance studios and we offer specialised programs. We teach them to give things a try and learn to believe in their passion.