Kayla Pinzur

When I think about my life, there’s before the fire and after the fire. We lost practically everything. When I was eight years old, my parents when through a divorce and we had moved in with my grandparents. One night, there was a huge fire and my sister and I were fast asleep. My mom came running and woke us up. We sat in our car and watched the house burn down in flames. Dance helped me get through all of that. I’ve been dancing since I was two years old and it has been a major part of my life.

I do Jazz, ballet, tap, contemporary and hip-hop. Dance forced me to be mature at a young and deal with a lot of adult issues. Dance helped me get through tough times and it is my safe place. I’m afraid to lose it because I know what it means to me and how much it has changed my life. I don’t like putting anything, but my best effort into everything. I just remind myself that I’m going to learn something through doing it. In my freshman year, I had torn the labrum in my hip. It was the first time I went to a physical therapist. I just saw all these people there who really and they coached me through all that and they wanted to get me back to dance as soon as possible. It made me think about wanting to help other people.

I took up the most rigorous classes on offer only to do better. I was afraid that money was going to be an issue while I pursue my dream until one day I became the recipient of the Sallie Mae College Scholarship. I know that this money can help me make a difference in the lives of others and that’s all I want to do. I want people to know that there’s nothing that cannot to conquered and dealt with if one tries to make an effort.