Jade Chywnoth

I started dancing when I was 2 years old at my aunt’s dance studio where I took ballet and jazz classes. It was my mother who got me interested in dance because she was a dance teacher at the same studio. I enjoyed dancing, but I was 9 years old when I decided that I wanted to become a professional and that’s when I trained more seriously and vigorously. It wasn’t easy because I had to go to school first and join dance classes later which often meant staying back late and finishing my homework after classes. I was chosen to be an Elite Protégé with The Pulse on Tour for the 2010-2011 seasons and I later performed as a member of E-Kidz and I later joined immaBEAST dance crew. I always liked the hard-hitting, grungy kind of dance which made it fun for me to be a part of.

It’s not easy to be selected as the protégé because the teachers look for people who connect with various dance forms, but can still retain their style. It was a new experience for me and opened my eyes to a world of new possibilities. “I've learned more about being a better dancer and understanding the dance, and my body and my moves. I think along the way I've also learned leadership and how to be a better person.”

Since I’m the youngest dancer in my group, I try and learn new things from my seniors and I try to dance like a mature person now and understand the moves. Being the youngest has its disadvantages too; people sometimes did not take me seriously but I’ve always been determined to prove myself as a dancer. “If I could give out one advice, it would be that one should try and be themselves on stage and have fun, get style, and take little pieces form everyone that you see. You can't be someone else. You have to just learn from them.”