Isabella Boylston

I was born in Sun Valley, Idaho in a family that had no exposure to ballet. I began dancing at the age of three. My parents later moved to Colorado when I was seven years and that’s when I realized that I wished to pursue Ballet as a professional dancer. I was quite determined towards achieving my goal and therefore, I took my dream one step further by joining the Colorado Ballet Academy at age 12. Since it was far from my home, I travelled for 2 hours each way by bus every day. In 2005, I joined the American Ballet Theatre as an apprentice, but I was soon promoted and I became the Principal in year 2014. “I suppose it is my competitive nature that naturally drives me to focus on perfecting my technical skills as a dancer.” I learnt to strive for more because there’s always scope for improvement.

I had a hard time not taking any criticism personally when I first joined the American Ballet Theatre. I was young and it took me some time to understand that my instructors were only trying to help me and none of it was personal. They only wanted me to better dancer and that’s how I learnt how to accept criticism gracefully and not let it affect who I am as a person or a dancer.

As a dancer, one needs to take care of his his/her body and mind and I make it a point to carve out some me “time” to clear my mind and relax myself. I still get nervous before every performance, but it feels great to be on stage, doing what I love. I started when I was just 3 years old and here I am, 26 years later. I think my ultimate dream would be to have a full-length ballet created for me. I watched Natalia Makarova on a VHS tape once and I thought that would be me some day and now I would want a performance a young ballerina would remember and think the same thing.