Dharmesh Yelande

Dharmesh Yelande worked as a Sev usal vendor in Vadodara. His father had a Tea stall and he set up his stall right next to his. Dharmesh wasn’t shy of doing odd jobs because he needed the free time to pursue his passion. He worked as a peon as well which only became a stepping stone in his career. Dharmesh’s life changed when he won the dance reality show, Boogie Woogie. After that, he participated in several other dance reality shows which only opened the doors for him to the world of choreography.

He was hired by Farah Khan to choreograph her movie, Tees Maar Khan and he later went on to become an actor in Remo D’Souza’s movie, Anybody Can Dance. He now runs his own dance academy in his hometown. Dharmesh has shown that no job is too small when one has dreams he wishes to fulfil. All he ever wanted was to become an extra dancer in performances, but eneded up getting a lot more because he did not give up.