Christian Moore

My name is Christian Moore. I am a dancer, dance photographer, dance teacher and choreographer based out of Minnesota.

My dance journey is complicated and full of twists and turns. It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do with dance.

Growing up, I was actually a hockey player. And though I grew up around the dance studio, I left the dance to my little sisters for the most part. I was a varsity hockey player through highschool. Then when I turned 17, I enlisted in the Air Force, and left for training.

I was gone for over a year in training. When I returned home, I joined a reserve unit in my home town. I was able to spend more time with my family, but my sister Shannon was always gone at dance. I wanted to spend more time with her. So I started watching her classes at the studio.

As time went on, I wanted to be able to relate to my sister with dance, so I ended up taking an adult ballet class. From the moment I stepped into the studio and took my first Plié, I was thinking in my mind, "why have I never done this before?" The simple act of moving to the melodic piano music was very relaxing and special. I had never experienced something like this.

From that day forward I was hooked on dance. I began dancing and taking class wherever and whenever I could. I took workshops and classes at multiple studios and began studying terminology and dance history at home.

It was around this time I also picked up dance photography. I started off very small and did not have a lot of clientele at first, but my determination and somewhat natural ability with photography soon gained me quite the following on social media and within the dance community.

I was just 3 years in to my dance career when I was taking attending the modern program at my local college, while also studying for a degree in children's ministry. I all of a sudden realized, however, that I wanted to do more with dance than just dance myself. I wanted to choreograph and teach and present the thoughts and ideas I had rattling around in my head before audiences all across the United States.

It was at this time I was deployed with the military over to the Middle East. I was not over there that long, but I was right on the cusp of training for my studios holiday performance of the nut cracker. I was to continue training while deployed as much as I could, and the choreography was sent to me via email. But unfortunately I slightly tore my hamstring while stretching one day, and I was unable to train as much as I would have liked. I was devastated. To be so passionate about something and not be able to do it, all while being isolated from everyone you love and hold so dearly... it takes a lot out of you. I would have given up dancing all together had it not been for the inspiration of several dancers that I met and the support of my loved ones from home. With their strength, I was able to not only finish training and learn the choreography, but perform in the show a month after I got home.

I was hired almost immediately after this by an acrobatics studio looking for a dancer that could teach alongside them to bring more dance technique into the field. I learned all of the acrobatic techniques needed to teach along side their skilled staff, and was able to start offering ballet classes, as well as an assortment of technique and acrobatic classes. But I still wanted to do more.

I was hired that year to choreograph a solo for a young dancer from Larkin dance studio. It was this solo that really set me on fire for choreographing. My passion burned like never before! It was thrilling to see something you created come to life before your eyes.

That year I was hired at two different dance studios and I dropped out of college to be work as a teacher and choreographer. Because of my work with these studios I have been hired by studios all across the United States to come in and teach master classes and choreograph for their students.

As my schedule started to get more packed, I ended up needing to drop out of the military, in order to continue my training as a teacher, which is a sacrifice I do not take lightly.

I am now 26 years old, and amidst my 6th year of dance. I am still training, and I am still learning, all while choreographing, teaching, photographing and living my dream.

I thank God every day for he opportunity to move, learn, dance, and teach along side so many amazing kids, teachers and friends. Dance changed my life!

And that is my story.