Amy Purdy

Amy Purdy

I was 19 years old when I felt like I had a cold, but within 24 hours I was at the hospital. After several rounds of tests and five days later, I was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. I lost my legs and almost my life along with it. I was on life support and the doctors said that I had a two per cent chance of survival. I had organ and respiratory failure, had to go through multiple transfusions, got my spleen removed and lost circulation. I was then put in an induced come till they could figure out the course of treatment. The doctors had to amputate my legs and my father donated his kidney to save me.

'I always say that my dad gave me life twice. He brought me into this world, and then through his gift he kept me in this world.' I was hanging by a threat until I was brought back to life. Recovery seemed like a challenge both physically as well as emotionally because I could not accept reality. It took me some time to realise that my sickness had changed my drastically and there is nothing I can do other than accept it and move ahead with my life and that’s what I did.

Adriana Haslet Davis

Adriana Haslet Davis

I didn’t begin dancing professionally until a few years ago after I found a studio to practice ballroom dancing and have a place of my own to do it. My husband is in the army and he had just returned home right before the tragic incident took place. We had gone to watch a marathon on a Monday morning and after a while I complained that I was tired and wanted to go home. We decided to take a quick walk before heading back and that’s when a bomb blew off at the venue. I could only think about the next bomb and it did blow off soon.

I went into the hospital and I remember myself screaming that I was a ballroom dancer and that was the only thing I could get myself to say. The doctor told me that I might have lost my leg and I just screamed in anguish, unwilling to accept it. I screamed at the doctor and told him that he better have gotten enough sleep at night because he was going to operate on me. He told me that there wasn’t anything he could go to save the leg and he needed me to understand that. I could tell that he wanted me to believe him. There was desperation in his eyes.

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Jasmine Meakin

My parents took me to my first dance class when I was almost 3 years old and I loved it from that very moment and I never looked back. I don’t even remember the time I did not dance. I was really passionate about it. I studied Tap, Jazz and Ballet. As I grew older, I learnt Hip Hop and ended up creating my own fusion of street style. That’s how I began my journey. And, it’s still in progress because I keep experimenting and trying out new things to make my dance routines unique. I try to make a connection with the music. Sometimes the music just clicks and I choreograph in a few minutes while on other occasions it may take longer, but I enjoy every bit of it.

A few years later, I came up with a YouTube channel along with a couple of other dancers and it soon became a huge success. Our channel has 1.4 million subscribers and over 400 million video views globally. Later, I travelled the world teaching workshops, choreographing and performing because of the recognition I got through that channel. The best part about my career is that I get to do what I love the most. “Make sure you love what you do. Even when things are not happening as fast as you would like them to, at least you are doing what you love and that passion for what you do will hopefully be enough to keep you motivated to stick with it.” I get really nervous when I have to step outside my comfort zone, but I always remind myself that I got to this stage by doing what I wanted and I must not let anything take away my confidence and that’s my advice to anyone who loves to dance and I always try to show that in my choreography.