Kayla Pinzur

When I think about my life, there’s before the fire and after the fire. We lost practically everything. When I was eight years old, my parents when through a divorce and we had moved in with my grandparents. One night, there was a huge fire and my sister and I were fast asleep. My mom came running and woke us up. We sat in our car and watched the house burn down in flames. Dance helped me get through all of that. I’ve been dancing since I was two years old and it has been a major part of my life.

I do Jazz, ballet, tap, contemporary and hip-hop. Dance forced me to be mature at a young and deal with a lot of adult issues. Dance helped me get through tough times and it is my safe place. I’m afraid to lose it because I know what it means to me and how much it has changed my life. I don’t like putting anything, but my best effort into everything. I just remind myself that I’m going to learn something through doing it. In my freshman year, I had torn the labrum in my hip. It was the first time I went to a physical therapist. I just saw all these people there who really and they coached me through all that and they wanted to get me back to dance as soon as possible. It made me think about wanting to help other people.

Adriana Haslet Davis

Laura Jones

I started dancing when I was 3 years old. I had gone to Germany to meet my cousins where I joined at the back of her dance class. The teacher told my mother that I had it in me to become a dancer. I don’t remember when I first decided to become a dancer, but I do know this for sure that a part of me always wanted it. A week into my dance classes, I suffered from a spinal bleed which left me paralysed from the chest down. My coaches were great and they asked me to join again and at least finish the theoretical part of my training. Soon they started insisting that I try solo choreography. After some hesitation, I finally gathered the courage and finished my training despite my handicap.

It was difficult improvising moves to suit me and I often doubted my ability to do it. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue going to the university and I constantly struggled making finding the balance and believing in myself. I decided to take some time off and joined Stop Gap and I have been a part of it ever since. Dancers on wheelchairs face barriers like inaccessible theatres because most stages do not have ramps. It was difficult to make people understand that dancers from Stop Gap belonged to a full-fledged dance company and were not just a small group.

Dangers of Perfumes & Scented Products While Exercising

Preeti Khetan

How Dance Fun is bringing the next big thing for dancers all across the nation . There she saw dancers swaying to the music, giving there all on that stage. It reminded her of her time at the stage, it curved her lips into a smile and sent her back to that time where her feet hit the stage in a sync to the cheers of audience…

The next performance brought her back to the contemporary dancers who were put to test with the kathak dancers for elimination. It startled her that how could the judges compare such distinct dance forms. “Preeti!”, that stopped her internal monologue but the question in her heart left unanswered. When Harsh Kumar approached Preeti Khetan to create a platform for urban dancers to compete, a tribute to the one dance form they have dedicated their whole life to, it struck the right cord in her head. A dance competition that gives each genre its separate place.

Pitting two unique styles against each other wasn’t fair and this competition promises to break the monotony of stereotypical competitions. GENRE, for starters chose ten dance forms including contemporary, house, belly, urban, crew division, Bollywood, jazz, popping, breaking, Kathak and krumping. Each of which will be judged by the prodigy of the form to deliver twelve winners. She urges people to promote the her idea, unlike creatives who are falling victim to consumerism, their devotion to the art falls short of words for appreciation.


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Adriana Haslet Davis
Dangers of Perfumes & Scented Products While Exercising